Смертоносное извержение вулкана Стромболи (18 фото + видео)

Смертоносное извержение вулкана Стромболи (18 фото + видео)

Стромболи – небольшой вулканический остров севернее Сицилии с действующим вулканом. 

Peter Bridges, 56, from Pennsylvania, was about to climb the Stromboli volcano with his two sons - Peter, 21, and Ian, 19 - when the mountain exploded - sending a huge plume into the air and raining rocks down on them (pictured, Peter's view of the explosion as he was getting ready to climb)

Извержение вулкана произошло 3 июля 2019 в 16:00 по местному времени.

 Thick smoke billowed from Stromboli volcano as it spat out scalding rocks
AP:Associated Press

И продолжается уже несколько дней.

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На данном изображении может находиться: облако и природа
Foto Afp / Giovanni Isolino
The group reached the dock but found the boat they had arrived on was gone. In a panic and thinking they might be killed they bought tickets on the next ferry off the island, but arrived just in time to see it leave (pictured, their view from the dock)

Во время извержения погиб 35-летний путешественник Massimo Imbesi. Он был убит выброшенными из кратера вулкана камнями. Его бразильский друг был тяжело ранен. На данный момент больше жертв не зарегистрировано.

 Massimo Imbesi, 35, was killed by flying rocks while hiking on the volcano

На местном сайте с городскими вебкамерами сообщается о панике среди туристов.

 Residents were evacuated from the small port Ginostra

Посмотрите, какие красивые кадры извержения сделаны с воздуха!

 There had allegedly been a paroxysmal eruption on the island, when high-pressure magma explodes from a shallow, underground reservoir
AP:Associated Press
 Stromboli is one of the most active volcanoes on the planet and has been erupting almost continuously since 1932
Eventually, Peter's boat returned for his group and they jumped on board before sailing to safety. He said he feels very lucky that he hadn't started hiking earlier in the day after one man, 35-year-old Sicilian Massimo Imbesi, was killed by flying rock having already stared on his ascent

На острове всё завалено пеплом, его пытаются убрать спасатели.

Emergency workers were cleaning up in the town of Ginostra on Thursday, sweeping volcanic ash and cinders from the street

Пожары, вызванные извержением, тушат с воздуха.

Canadair waterbombing planes battled to put out fires started by the eruption, having dropped 320 loads so far with operations continuing into Thursday
Tourists reportedly fled from their hotels and a large cloud of ash swept over the island of Stromboli on Wednesday
Ash rises into the sky after a volcano eruption on the small Mediterranean island of Stromboli, Italy today
The explosion occurred just before 5pm and was described by one hotel worker, who heard a 'loud roar'


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